Nosering. Pancakes. Tuesday.

Terribly Tiny Tales launched the National Poetry Writing Month in the beginning of April. Being an ardent follower of all of TTT’s content, the idea of building up on their daily prompts seemed like an interesting challenge. I decided to write as many poems as I could using their daily prompts. Unfortunately, 23 days into April, I’ve managed to write two. So, here’s the first. 
Heads up: 
I used three of TTT’s prompts, 
1. Nosering. Pancakes. Tuesday. 
2. Incorporate a line from a song
3. If I could tell you.. 
All prompts are marked in italics. Read away. 

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Love, Safety and Women? 


July 2nd 2016        – Shruthi Sridhar

Two days since the prime suspect of the Swathi murder case was taken into Police custody from his hometown, another similar crime has been committed in Telangana. 18 year old Sandhya has been brutally murdered by a man whose advances were rejected by her. Articles and posts presenting varied perspectives on such heinous crimes and their outrageous motives have made us think twice about the society we live in, safety of women and influence of movies. Continue reading “Love, Safety and Women? “

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